If you are arrested and charged with a DUI, you only have a time period of 10 days to request an MVA hearing to challenge the automatic suspension of your license. If you fail to request a hearing within the 10 day period, you will waive your rights to keep your driving privileges and will automatically have your license suspended on the 46th day following the DUI charges. If you request an MVA hearing in between the 10th day and the 30th day, you will have your license suspended until the hearing.


At the MVA hearing, an experienced DUI attorney can fight for you to keep your license, or to have restricted driving privileges, allowing you to drive back and forth to work, school or doctor’s appointments. Your chances of avoiding license suspension depends on what your BAC, or blood alcohol content, was at the time of your arrest.


Having a seasoned lawyer on your side is critical to keeping your license, and getting the charges against you dropped or reduced. You likely will not be able to fight a DUI successfully without an attorney present, and an inexperienced attorney does not have the knowledge and resources to challenge a DUI charge in court.


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